Showing Up Is Enough: Pole Dance, Sensual Movement + Trauma


class schedule

Each Sunday in August from 8-9:30pm at Pilates & Arts in Echo Park, L.A.

Embrace Radical Sensuality

In a society that profits off of us feeling less than, it is a revolution to let ourselves be enough in our natural state & to experience our full capacity of pleasure. Radical sensuality is the thorough pursuit, expression and enjoyment of pleasure, especially as it relates to the senses. There is no wrong way to access or express sensuality other than to deny yourself the space and ability to genuinely connect with your truest self without judgement.

Sensual L.A. aims to create that space.


Meet Sensual L.A.

Sensual L.A. is the sensual movement practice of Jillian Adel. Based on the principles of Liquid Motion®, a method and style of dance that provides tools to achieve seamless, natural movement quality by applying basic dance theory that is accessible to all levels, Jillian’s classes are built around connectivity, musicality, and embracing authentic, sensual movement.


Come Get Liquid

Jillian's 75-minute Liquid Motion® classes consist of basic technique along with experimental exercises that help you connect to your physical self. Classes are available and safe for all shapes, sizes, and ages. No previous dance experience is necessary, but experienced dancers of all types will find refinement and expansion of their movement. Classes are taught at Pilates & Arts in Echo Park. Please wear comfortable clothing to move in, including layers, socks, and knee pads. No heels. Bring plenty of water and an open mind.



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